Weekend trips

We have selected three different weekend trips in beautiful natural environments that offer wonderful possibilities to enjoy the bicycle to the max. Our trips include transport service, guide with mechanical assistance and accommodation with breakfast and dinner included.

We offer the following routes:

  • Weekend in the Cork Oak Forest Natural Park (Picacho-Peguera-Peñon de Berrueco-Rio Hoz Garganta) Ver Ruta
  • The Olive Oil Rail Trail (Lucena – Alcaudete)Ver Ruta
  • The Bays Route (Tarifa – Puerto Real)Ver Ruta


Group 45 pax Group 45 pax Group 45 pax
Cork Oak Forest (Cádiz) Olive Oil Rail (Córdoba) The Bays Route (Cádiz)
from 58 € from 63 € from 75 €


Tarifa – Puerto Real

Stage 1: Tarifa-San José de Malcocinado (59 km)

From the Straits of Gibraltar we follow a wide track for 15 kilometres , and mostly downhill past cork oaks to the road to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Light. The vultures fly so low you imagine you could reach out and touch them.

Once we reach the Torre del Rayo pass, we follow the track first to Facinas and then, having passed the Venta Nene Cafe, a long flat track commences that takes us to eventually to Benalup, after having passed alongside the old Janda lagoon that is now cultivated and the mountainous spines of Los Alcornocales.

It is necessary to pass through Benalup to link up with the Two Bays Route towards Medina Sidonia and keeping the Celemín Dam to our right.



Stage 2: San José-Puerto Real (57 km)

After sleeping in the tiny village of San José de Malcocinado, the route continues towards Medina Sidonia, but it is not necessary to climb into the town because the Two Bays route circles the town and enters the agricultural zone to the west and towards the Bay of Cádiz.

The terrain is undulating until we reach a surprising Mediterranean Stone Pine forest, a pleasant ride that takes us alongside the Hospital of Puerto Real , from where it is possible to extend the ride to the Toruños Natural Park, an interesting marshland where flamingos can sometimes be seen and finally on to the Virgin of Levante beach.


Olive Oil Rail Trail


STAGE 1: Lucena-Zuheros. Moderate.

Pleasant and easy ride to discover the essence of olive oil and its relation with the culture and environment of the area. The entire route follows and old railway line that until last century was dedictaed to the olive oil industry.

We commence in Lucena among vineyards that produce the famed Montilla-Moriles fortified wines and commence a slight climb to Cabra. We are soon surrounded by olives and in Cabra the Information Centre can give you an excellent insight into the “liquid gold” produced in the area.

The well paved rail trail continues its gradual ascent next to beautiful mountain ranges to Doña Mencía, the highest point on the route and near Zuheros, a picturesque village encrusted among the rocks and with its famed Cave of Bats.


STAGE 2: Zuheros-Alcaudete.

After spending the night in Zuheros, the rail trail continues ascending slowly to Luque among olives, bridges and lagoons, such as the Salobral or the Conde, where it is worth sitting and resting at the lookout and contemplating the peace and quiet. Soon after you reach the border between the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén and the spectacular viaduct over the Guadajoz River. From that point a gradual uphill takes us to Alcaudete, a village crowned by a well conserved castle


Weekend in the Cork Oak Forest Natural Park

Picacho – Peguera – Peñón de Berrueco – Rio Hoz Garganta


This linear route is a perfect way to experience the essence of the Alcornoques Natural Park and to enjoy superb panoramas. You can see deer and vultures among other species and ride through verdant forests of Portuguese Oak and Cork Oak, and pass by streams where the vines climb to the top of the trees.

Commencing in the recreation zone of Picacho, we follow the road the joins Alcalá de los Gazules and Puerto Gáliz . Along a sealed road we ascend for 5 kilometres with some steep ramps, but the effort is rewarded with marvellous views of the nearby peak of Picacha. A gentle descent for ten kilometres allows us to enjoy the views south in which you can see the sea on a clear day.

Another climb takes us to Tajo Sancho where there is an important colony of vultures. We continue the route accompanied by the soft sounds of running water , it curves and bends until we arrive to the lush gallery forest of the Peguera Creek..



This linear route passes through some of the most well conserved Mediterranean forest in the country. The exceptional beauty of the of the ride, with its numerous examples of cork oak, holm oak, portuguese oak and Andalusian oak, is complemented by the exciting final descent , where you can enjoy the along the banks of the Hozgarganta River which runs year round.

The route commences next to the forest track next opposite the Peñon del Berrueco. We follow this track with a moderate ascent at the beginning. The limestone peaks of the Sierra de Grazalema can be easily seen from the track and soon after the panorama switches to the the highest peaks of the Alcornocales Natural Park.

The first 11km follow the route of the GR-7, the walking track that joins Tarifa and Athens. Afterwards the track divides and we follow the right fork to ride on a long downhill that gets steeper and steeper. The ramps get even steeper which will test out both your bike and your arms!

Throughout the the ride you can enjoy the well-preserved forest of the park. The enormous Portuguese and Andalucian Oaks strive to outshine in size and shape the Cork and Holm Oak.

All in all a magnificent spectacle that ends at the road which joins Jimena de la Frontera and Puerto Gáliz near the the zone known aas Las Canillas and next to the Hozgarganta River where you can cool off in hot weather!