Olive Oil Rail Trail


STAGE 1: Lucena-Zuheros. Moderate.

Pleasant and easy ride to discover the essence of olive oil and its relation with the culture and environment of the area. The entire route follows and old railway line that until last century was dedictaed to the olive oil industry.

We commence in Lucena among vineyards that produce the famed Montilla-Moriles fortified wines and commence a slight climb to Cabra. We are soon surrounded by olives and in Cabra the Information Centre can give you an excellent insight into the “liquid gold” produced in the area.

The well paved rail trail continues its gradual ascent next to beautiful mountain ranges to Doña Mencía, the highest point on the route and near Zuheros, a picturesque village encrusted among the rocks and with its famed Cave of Bats.


STAGE 2: Zuheros-Alcaudete.

After spending the night in Zuheros, the rail trail continues ascending slowly to Luque among olives, bridges and lagoons, such as the Salobral or the Conde, where it is worth sitting and resting at the lookout and contemplating the peace and quiet. Soon after you reach the border between the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén and the spectacular viaduct over the Guadajoz River. From that point a gradual uphill takes us to Alcaudete, a village crowned by a well conserved castle