School Groups

At Bike&You we haven't forgotten young people. That is why we have designed a series of routes in the natural environment near the city of Seville.

The routes can develop various subjects from the Curriculum, such as Physical Education, Science, Geography and Social Science, or also in languages where we can offer the same services for your foreign langauge learners with monitors in various languages.

We offer the following routes:

  • Rail Trail of the Sierra Norte (From Cazalla train station to Cerro de Hierro) Ver Ruta
  • The Tunnels Rail Trail (From Coripe to Olvera)Ver Ruta
  • The Water Route (From Media Fanega to Guillena)Ver Ruta
  • Guadiamar Green Route (Sanlucar la Mayor-Vado del Quema )Ver Ruta


25 pax 35 pax 45 pax
22 € 18 € 16 €