Tarifa – Puerto Real

Stage 1: Tarifa-San José de Malcocinado (59 km)

From the Straits of Gibraltar we follow a wide track for 15 kilometres , and mostly downhill past cork oaks to the road to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Light. The vultures fly so low you imagine you could reach out and touch them.

Once we reach the Torre del Rayo pass, we follow the track first to Facinas and then, having passed the Venta Nene Cafe, a long flat track commences that takes us to eventually to Benalup, after having passed alongside the old Janda lagoon that is now cultivated and the mountainous spines of Los Alcornocales.

It is necessary to pass through Benalup to link up with the Two Bays Route towards Medina Sidonia and keeping the Celemín Dam to our right.



Stage 2: San José-Puerto Real (57 km)

After sleeping in the tiny village of San José de Malcocinado, the route continues towards Medina Sidonia, but it is not necessary to climb into the town because the Two Bays route circles the town and enters the agricultural zone to the west and towards the Bay of Cádiz.

The terrain is undulating until we reach a surprising Mediterranean Stone Pine forest, a pleasant ride that takes us alongside the Hospital of Puerto Real , from where it is possible to extend the ride to the Toruños Natural Park, an interesting marshland where flamingos can sometimes be seen and finally on to the Virgin of Levante beach.