The Water Route

From Media Fanega to Guillena

A fantastic route to get to know one of the places of natural beauty on Seville's doorstep. The water route is actually a long 68km route , but we have selected the most outstanding 30 kilometre section. From the Media Fanega Rise, a natural frontier between the Guadalquivir Valley and the Sierra Morena mountains, the beginning of the route is paved alongside the River Cala and passes two hydroelectric stations that supply Seville with electricity. Curiously, they take advantage of the cheaper price of electricity at night to pump water up to a holding pond and later, during the day it is allowed to descend and so producing more expensive electricity during the day.

The path contines between holm oak and rockrose bushes until it becomes an unpaved road.

Continue the route until you arrive at the Cantina, a place with a beautiful view where you can regain your energy before continuing. From this point, the path is easier to follow and flatter with numerous benches and lookouts with fantastic views. Finally we emerge from the forested zone to descend among cultivated fields into the town of Guillena

Altimetria Rura del agua